What’s the Friendship?

I’m taking a somewhat different approach for this week’s prompt and this month’s theme of love and romance. Many of fiction’s best friendships are between non-human characters. Charlotte and Wilbur, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Frog and Toad are just a few I could name. So what’s the friendship and love between these two stuffed animals?

The smaller bear looks more worn. Maybe he’s the old favorite toy of a child, and the bigger one is the new favorite. But that kind of plot should lead to jealousy, not hugs. How about the worn bear has heard that he’s going to be “repaired” and is afraid of what that means?

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What’s the friendship you imagine for these characters?

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  1. What a unique idea! I thought of some dialogue, but it doesn’t really fit the background. But since the whole premise is imaginative, maybe it could work…

    “Buster, it’s the worst thing that could’ve happened to me! I tried to tell Bella to leave me on her dresser so I’d be safe. Now I’m stuck in the airport lost and NOT found!”

    Buster pats my arm. “It isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened. You’ll be back with Bella before you know it. I see it all the time. The flight attendants will know you’re missing before the plane even takes off. Your family will rescue you in no time.”

    I wipe a tear as suspicion rises. “Then why are you still here? How long have you been waiting for your family?”

    Buster tightens his jaw and looks away. “The answer to that question is irrelevant. It isn’t about me. It’s time to help you.”

    Now, for a reason that can only be explained by the wistful, pained look in Buster’s eyes, I want to help him before I find Bella. I don’t want to scare Bella if she does come before the plane takes off, but I have to help my new friend too!

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