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Writing Tip — Just For Fun

dandelionw-3637041_1280I found this photo, and the lines for the poem immediately popped into my head. I only had to work on the last line.

We Have a Winner!

childrenw-593313_1280Thanks to all of you who commented during the month of May. You were eligible to have your name in the drawing for The Emotion Thesaurus: a Writer’s Guid to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi.

Sarah is our winner! I hope you find this book as helpful as I have!

We Have a Winner!

childrenw-593313_1280Laura W. is the winner of the signed copy of Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano. Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who commented on Jen’s interview. You’ve shown how much you enjoy Jen’s books!

Good News!

backgroundw-313367_1280I am very excited to announce that my second shorty story will be published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press in Christmas Off the Beaten Path Anthology  that will come out in November or December 2019. “A Rose from the Ashes” is YA Christmas mystery, set in contemporary rural Ohio, and I had the best time writing it. Nothing like writing a Christmas story during the Christmas season to put a writer in a merry mood. But I didn’t think I would enjoy the process when I first learned I had only two weeks to come up with a 5,000 word story before the deadline for submissions.

I am not a fast writer. And with all the preparations for the holiday, I didn’t see how I could do it. But I told my husband I wanted to go for it. And I wrote a 10,000 word story. Thanks to Tamera Lynn Kraft and Michelle Lavigne for giving my story the chance to see the light of print!


Writing Tip — Guest Blogger, Rebecca Waters

BeckySo happy to have Rebecca Waters as guest blogger today. I met Becky through my local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers. She is an author of many talents, writing both women’s fiction with a touch of romance to nonfiction books about writing. Her novella, “Courtesy Turn”, a romance centered around square dancing, appears with my short story in From the Lake to the River. Welcome, Becky!

People look at me curiously when I snatch up those free calendars offered by the humane society or Boy’s Town, USA. Most people I know toss them aside, relying more on their digital calendars or their internet “secretary” for appointments and special events. Artists sometimes grab the large paper calendars for the inspiring photos. But me? I use calendars to plot my story.

For instance, my newest book, Libby’s Cuppa Joe takes place in Door County, Wisconsin. The Door County peninsula juts out into Lake Michigan making it an ideal location for city-weary vacationers.

If I wanted to craft a believable story in Fish Creek (and yes, that is a real town in Door County) I needed to plot a story consistent with the weather and events in that area. It does no good to insert an apple picking scene in a story when the narrative surrounding that scene takes place in March. Even if the scene is great, the season is wrong. I don’t have an apple picking scene in this particular story, but you get the idea.

Also, by looking at Door County websites I was able to see activities common to the area and events celebrated each year. I was able to build on the “Pumpkin Festival” and pace the story to meet that event on the calendar.

I could plan the terrible problems my main character faced and literally put them on the calendar. This helps a writer write from scene to scene and helps keep the pace of the story moving forward. So collect those calendars and write, write, write.


Excited to leave her stale life in the big city behind, Sonja takes the money her grandmother left her and purchases Libby’s Cuppa Joe, a thriving coffee shop in a small community in Wisconsin’s Door County. Sonja may have business sense, but is she ready to face the world on her own?

Sonja soon discovers owning a business requires more than offering a good cup of coffee. She must make major repairs to the building as well as major repairs to her heart. Do the former owners, Libby and Joe hold the answer? As Sonja seeks to make Libby’s Cuppa Joe a viable business, can she also find herself and the God she has abandoned?

Libby’s Cuppa Joe is a riveting tale of second chances, forgiveness, and not living on borrowed faith.

Click here to pre-order on Amazon.


Rebecca Waters works hard to create realistic characters facing contemporary issues and stories built around faith, hope, and love. Her first novel, Breathing on Her Own has garnered over 160 positive reviews. Rebecca’s second novel, Libby’s Cuppa Joeis scheduled for release in March 2019.  Courtesy Turn, her first novella is based on her experiences as an avid square dancer. She has also published three books for new writers, Designing a Business Plan for Your Writing, Marketing You and Your Writing 101, and Writing with E’s. Follow her blog on writing A Novel Creation.

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