I conduct writing workshops for tweens — third grade and older– teens and adults on the following topics:

  • Intro to Poetry: For tweens. From haiku to acrostics, young poets learn basic poetic techniques and forms. 
  • Short and Sweet: How to Write a Short Story — For tweens, or teens and adults. Writers learns the basic ingredients for cooking up an effective short story—complex characters, vivid settings, and plots that draw readers in.
  • Character Is Key: For teens and adults. How do you write stories readers will love? Start with character. JPC Allen shows writers how to develop characters who are fun to write and fun to read.
  • The Riddle of Writing Mysteries: For tweens, or teens and adults. Writers solve the riddle of writing mysteries with JPC  Allen as she shows them how to create detectives and suspects, invent clues and red herrings, and concoct puzzling plots.
  • Inspiration is Everywhere: For tweens. From art to music to our senses, JPC Allen shows young writers on how to tune into the world around them for story ideas.
  • The Journey of a Book: From Inspiration to Publication: For teens and adults. From inspiration to publication, JPC Allen covers all the steps in how a book is created

Please contact me for prices and availability.

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