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Just for fun

Writing Tip — Just for Fun

agriculturew-3736561_1280This poem distills the essence of what October means to me. What are your favorite things about October?

Writing Tip — Just for Fun

peoplew-2942821_1280When I saw this photo, the lines to the poem leaped into my mind. My summer seemed very brief this year.

Writing Tip — Just for Fun

boyw-2100121_1280What are some last minute activities you are trying to get in before the summer is over?

Writing Tip — Just For Fun

octopusw1-1235006_1280I came to this conclusion a few months ago. While working on a story, and when I’m alone, I often speak the dialogue out loud, giving voice to all the characters involved in the conversation. I used to do this when I would act out stories with my sisters and we played multiple characters. Not much has changed, has it?

Writing Tip — Poem in Your Pocket Day


denimw1-164983_1280Poem in Your Pocket Day is a day to celebrate poetry, created by the Academy of American Poets. It’s a day to share a favorite poem that you carry with you. I’m using my blog as my virtual pocket and will share one of my favorite Psalms.

Psalm 121:1:

“I lift my eyes to the hill — where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

What poem do you want to share?

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