What’s the Friendship?

I’m taking a somewhat different approach for this week’s prompt and this month’s theme of love and romance. Many of fiction’s best friendships are between non-human characters. Charlotte and Wilbur, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Frog and Toad are just a few I could name. So what’s the friendship and love between these two stuffed… Continue Reading →

Step into the Past with Historical Fiction

It’s always a pleasure to introduce a new author to you. To kick off this month’s theme, step into the past with historical fiction and author Gretchen Carlson. Take it away, Gretchen! What’s your favorite book genre? Fantasy, mystery, western, thriller, romance, science fiction?  I enjoy these, but my favorite (drum roll, please) is Historical Fiction. … Continue Reading →

Fantasy Prompt for YA fiction

As a fantasy prompt for YA fiction, this photo provides a choice for the point of view (POV) character. The dragon could be a teen dragon, testing a new friendship with a human. Or the girl could defy what the elders have taught her and tames a dragon that’s supposed to be too wild to… Continue Reading →

Writing about the Sense of Touch

Touch is another sense that writers tend to overlook. In the story “The Price of Light”, author Ellis Peters brings medieval England to life through the senses and especially through texture. Once I sat down to analyze touch, I realized it encompasses many different kinds of sensation and writing about the sense of touch adds evocative… Continue Reading →

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