What’s the Adventure?

What’s the adventure that could happen in a grocery store? Depends on the writer. But I wanted a prompt that would get us thinking about adventures in very ordinary settings.

Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. North By Northwest begins when typical business man Roger Thornhill waves over a waiter who is calling out for Mr. George Kaplan. Enemy agents think Thornhill attracted the water’s attention because he is Kaplan and the movie kicks off. And Then She Was Gone, a TV-movie my dad enjoyed years ago, stars Robert Urich as another typical business man riding a subway. He notices a preschool girl on the train. After she gets off, he sees a missing child poster and realizes the child pictured is the preschooler he saw.

So what’s the adventure for this photo? Here’s mine.

“Mom, do you want Cheerios?” I held out the cereal box to her.

Mom was staring down the aisle of the grocery store like she’d just seen a snake slither into it. “That’s-that’s ….”

I followed her gaze. A heavily bearded man was putting Raisin Bran in his shopping cart.

“It can’t be.” Mom whispered.


Mom pushed our cart. “That man. He looks exactly like the father of a boy who committed suicide my senior year in high school.”

“That’s weird. Your hometown is a thousand miles from here. But you could run into his brother. It’s weird but not scary.”

Mom picked up the pace. “He was an only child.”

“Maybe it is the father.”

“And he hasn’t aged in thirty years? I’m pretty sure Rob’s father died shortly after Rob did. If Rob did die.”

I grabbed hold of the cart. “You said he committed suicide.”

“They found his car in the river, and he left a note in his bedroom. His body was never found. His girlfriend died under suspicious circumstances, and he was a suspect.” Mom’s stunned eyes locked onto mine.

I glanced around. “Which way did he go?”

What’s the Adventure?

What’s the adventure these two cyclists could face?

An accident on a lonely road leaves both of them hurt. How do they get help?

The cyclists see a woman bury something. Then she pursues them, trying to kill them with her car.

Or maybe it’s misadventures. Two friends decide to bike across the country, and they run into comic situations and colorful characters along the way.

I’d love to read your inspiration! What’s the adventure?

What’s the Adventure?

My theme this month is adventure. What real-world adventure can you imagine for this picture? Who are the characters huddled around the campfire? Why are they camping? Is it a vacation? Or are they hiding out?

Here’s my inspiration:

“This is just what you need,” my cousin Dave said, poking at the fire. “Miles away from work stress and family stress.”

“Miles away from any other people,” said my brother Jace with a relaxed smile pushing back the weary lines of his face.

“It’s nice to sit and not think.” I took a long sip of coffee.

Dave hit the bottom of my boot with a stick. “This is a vacation. You’re not supposed to do what you do at work.”

We laughed, and the sound rose free to the wash of stars above us.

Dave lifted the coffee pot. “Want a–“

A scream pierced the utter quiet of the night.

Every muscle froze except for our swelling eyes.

“Could that be an animal?” I whispered.

“Not any animal I’ve ever heard.” Dave answered.

“Doesn’t sound like any person I’ve ever heard, either.” Jace picked up a log.


Stop by tomorrow to read a guest blog from adventure novelist M. Liz Boyle!

Their Mirror Moment

Can a book have mirror moments for two main characters? I don’t see why not, especially if the two MC’s take turns telling the story. Click here to read more on what a mirror moment is.

What is their mirror moment? I see a rich-girl-poor-boy romance. ( I know the motorcycle is expensive, but I imagine the boy “borrowed” it from the garage where he works.) Maybe it’s when they must decide if they will conform to their social circle or dare to be different.

What do you imagine is their mirror moment?

Its Mirror Moment

Since a mirror moment is important for any main character, what would one be like for a nonhuman character? For an explanation of the mirror moment, click here.

I chose this picture because I like how the fox was photographed as if it was sitting for its portrait. What could its mirror moment be?

Perhaps deciding if he should continue life as a wild animal or trust a human that’s been leaving him food. Or maybe the fox is a human under a spell and while enchanted, the character sees her true self and must decided if she will remain that way or change.

How do you imagine its mirror moment?

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