What are Your Favorite Plots?

I’m kicking off my monthly theme a day early. August will be all about plot as we continue with this year’s theme of “The Journey of a Book”. So what are your favorite plots? By that I mean, what kind of plots usually hook you so that you have to give a book or movie a try? If you love romance, maybe you enjoy the enemies-to-lovers trope. Or perhaps a Cinderella story appeals to you.

Of course, I love mysteries, but specifically, traditional mysteries, in which I can solve the mystery along with the main character. I’m also very susceptible to underdog stories. It doesn’t matter who the underdog is. If the odds are stacked against him or her, I automatically start rooting for the character. I also love caper stories, ones in which a band of bad guys, or sometimes good guys, form a team to pull of some kind of heist. If the team is made of bad guys, then during or after the heist usually Something Goes Horribly Wrong and the team scrambles to survive.

My kids and I have been enjoying the ’60’s spy show, Mission: Impossible which is often about the good guys pulling a caper on a despicable bad guy.

For more plotting prompts, click here.

Now I’d like to know what are your favorite plots?

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