Christian Fiction for Boys and Men

If you look at the novels in Christian fiction, you get the impression that Christian males are illiterate. So many of the genres are aimed at women: women’s fiction, contemporary romance, historical romance, amish romance and just to change things up, romantic suspense. As a mother of sons, I was pleased to discover the books by James R. Hannibal, Christian fiction for boys and men. But don’t take my word for it. My oldest is providing his recommendations today for just a few of Mr. Hannibal’s books.

Section 13–Middle grade series

The Lost Property Office, The Fourth Ruby, and The Clockwork Dragon

Jack Buckles is a tracker and member of the Ministry of Trackers. He and his fellow trackers use their special powers to protect the world from ancient artifacts and defeat those who seek to use them.

“I like this series because of the elaborate world-building and the various surprising twists. This is also one the few series with teenage protagonists that I have been able to stand.”

Lightraider Academy–Teen series

Wolf Soldier and Bear Knight

Connor Enarian and his fellow Lightraiders work to defeat the evil dragons who intend to enslave humanity and conquer the world of Dastan.

“I like this series because of the complex plots and well-developed world as well as the Christian themes it contains. I was able to make connections between the themes and my Bible study in youth group. This is also one the few series with teenage protagonists that I can stand.”

Talia Inger Novels–Adult series

The Gryphon Heist and Chasing the White Lion

Talia Inger and Eddie Gupta are CIA agents. Together with a mysterious man named Adam Tyler, they recruit a team of elite thieves to commit a high stakes heist with the fate of America hanging in the balance.

“I like this series because of the very complex plots as well as the surprising twists the books contain. These keep the reader wanting to know what happens next.”

Elysium Tide–Adult standalone

Neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Chesterfield, while on a forced vacation, finds himself entangled in a series of mysterious events related to the growing gangs on the island of Maui.

“This book is excellent because of the unique structure and surprising twists as well as the unique and entertaining characters.”

My oldest is now a one-man, James R. Hannibal fan club. He’s converted two of my nephews into fans and he’s working on his friends at school.

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What Christian fiction for men and boys do you recommend?

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