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Monday Sparks

Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Spring Haiku

springw-316535_1280This month, my theme is poetry and figurative language. Here’s my haiku to celebrate the new season. IF you write a haiku, feel free to share it below in the comments.

Reaching, stretching, shoots

Push through darkness for one chance

To grasp a sunbeam.

Monday Sparks — What’s Your Favorite Meal?

pork-ribsw-561012_1280This month’s theme is food and family, due to Thanksgiving being celebrated on November 22. So what’s your favorite meal? For me, my favorite has always combined good food with good company.

I host a family Halloween party every year. My husband does all the cooking. The center of the meal is his ribs. He does them two ways — dry rub and with a sauce. Both are delectable. Sharing his delicious food with my family as we enjoy conversation makes many wonderful memories.

What’s your favorite meal?

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