Tune into a Setting

My prompt today is to encourage you to visit a real-world setting and write your impressions. This is what I mean by tune into a setting. Be still and gather impressions through the five senses. Don’t think too much about them. Just dot down what first comes to your mind as you watch, listen, feel, smell, and possibly taste.

In the photo, I’m sitting in the small fenced area behind our house. Beyond me is the rest of our property. My impression are:

  • Running water in the pond
  • Blinding, white light
  • Bird chips, calls, songs
  • Barely a breeze
  • Soft cat fur
  • Yellow dandelions
  • Buzz or whine of chain saw
  • Fish swim in cloudy pond
  • Perfect temperature
  • Flitting bee among flowers
  • Blue dots of flowers
  • Woodpecker

Now I can work these impressions into a story. I don’t have to include them all, and I can add ones that suit the story.

“Walking barefoot across the bricks of the patio already warmed by the white morning light, I crossed the yard to the couch by our pond. The koi and goldfish played tag in the cloudy water. I lowered myself onto the couch with my mug of tea as Friskies rubbed my leg. I scratched him under an ear. Dandelions provided bursts of sunshine among the rejuvenated spring grass. A woodpecker hammered out a cadence.

“I took a long sip of tea. So peaceful, so—

“A chain saw whined to life, overpowering the woodpecker and just about any other round around me.

“I dropped my mug on the small table next to me, tea sloshing out of it.

“Not again.”

For more prompts for writing a setting, click here.

I’d love to read in the comments your impressions when you tune into a setting.

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