Tune into a Setting

My prompt today is to encourage you to visit a real-world setting and write your impressions. This is what I mean by tune into a setting. Be still and gather impressions through the five senses. Don’t think too much about them. Just dot down what first comes to your mind as you watch, listen, feel,… Continue Reading →

Let’s Write a Legend

Setting is the theme this on JPC Allen Writes, and today’s prompt is inspired by my family’s visit to the King’s Hollow Tunnel (or King’s Switch Tunnel or King Station Tunnel–this place has more names than a member of the British royal family). This tunnel is part of the Moonville Rail Trail. The Moonville Tunnel… Continue Reading →

The Mystery Structure Is …

And now I’ll reveal what the mystery structure is from last week … a furnace used for separating iron from the rock it was found in. My kids and I are pictured beside Hope Furnace, found at a trailhead in Lake Hope State Park. A poster on IG knew what these were. Can you imagine… Continue Reading →

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