Character Story Starter

This week’s prompt is a character story starter instead of one for a setting, like I had last week. Who is this girl? Or is she a woman?

Again, like last week, right down your first impressions without analyzing them.

  • Careful of her appearance
  • Fashionable but not trendy, individual taste stands out
  • Thoughtful
  • Stunned and trying to hide it
  • Disturbed
  • Masking strong emotions

Here’s my opening to a story with this character:

So that’s why Mom’s been so secretive. Well … more secretive than usual.

Pressing against the restored train depot, I tugged at a stray hair as Mom bent her head toward the mouth of a man who was dressed better than I was and might have been old enough to finish his undergrad degree.

“Hey, Ava.” Sydney Townsend popped up in front of me, blocking my view of Mom and her new boyfriend. “What’re you doing at the park? I thought you hated fresh air.”

Forcing on my cool expression, I said, “I decided I hadn’t given fresh air a fair chance, so I came out here today. But I was right. It’s as horrible as I thought. I’d better get home before too much contaminates me.”

I ducked around her. Mom and Boyfriend were gone, but they couldn’t have gone far. I walked as quickly as my high-heeled boots let me in the most likely direction.

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  1. Your story fits her expression really well 🙂

    Here’s my idea:
    This audition will make or break my career. I have to hit my high C and get this part. If not, I’ll forever be stuck in my past. A glimpse of my former boss and his brother arguing loudly across the street distracts my focus. I set down my script and watch the fight for a minute. I shake my head and return my focus to my monologue. Some people won’t ever change. But not me. I stuff the script and sheet music into my leather bag, hold my chin up, and step through the door that will make my career.

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