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Welcome to 2022, and the new theme for my blog, beginnings. This month, I’ll focus on all sorts of beginnings related to writing. And my prompts will help you kickstart a story. The first one is a setting story starter. Without thinking too much, what are the first words that leap to mind?

Here’s my list:

  • Old
  • Abandoned
  • Ancient
  • Creepy
  • Dracula
  • Decrepit
  • Mysterious–could hold a hundred secrets

Here’s how I would start a story with it:

Tucking my thumbs under the straps of my backpack, I peered at the crumbling stone buildings through a fine mist and believed every tall tale and legend I’d heard or read about the abandoned Krimm estate. Up here on the ridgeline, all sort of horrible deeds could be committed, and who would know about it?

I tightened my jaw and stepped onto the first crumbling step that scaled the steep slope. Even if the place was packed to the rafters with ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, I couldn’t turn back. Mace had said he was heading this way. If I was going to find out what happened to him, I had to get up there.

Place your list or the opening paragraphs of your inspiration in the comments below.

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  1. You always launch the reader right into your narrator’s mind! Love it! Here’s my thought, which is kind of along the lines of yours.

    All the clues point here. This has to be the old mansion that my favorite author’s last mystery book took place in. And the mill beneath, it’s gotta be where he is now. Surely other readers recognized the whole book as a plea for help? I can’t be the only fan here to help. I look around me, listening to nothing more than a few crispy leaves that withstood the autumn winds. I reread the last page of the book, more sure than ever that he is being held hostage here, and I slip the book in my bag. After two steps forward I hear a small explosion, bigger than a firework, but smaller than a bomb. A few bricks crumble down the rock wall. I need to hurry. He needs help!

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