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This month’s theme is probably my favorite. My site is all about characters in May. I’m a character writer. A setting can inspire me, or a plot can intrigue me, but if I don’t have characters in mind for them, those inspirations just languish in the back of my imagination. One technique I’ve learned when I want to make sure my characters act and perform differently from each other is to write a thumbnail character sketch for them. A sketch includes two or three adjectives and a noun.

I build most of my characters from faces that my imagination thinks have potential. So today’s prompt is a portrait that caught my attention because of the young man’s expression. Below is my sketch:

Observant, dry-humored college student

For more on using thumbnail sketches, click here. What thumbnail character sketch would you write for this photo?

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  1. What a great idea for character development! Your thumbnail description does match his expression – just to be toss out a different idea, I’m thinking along the lines of “outspoken Buddhist monastery runaway.”

  2. I gain insight through character’s conversations and their remarks about others. Yes, I hear people all the time. 🤣 I really don’t have faces. Mainly personailities.
    Fir the guy in the picture, I chose …
    Thoughtful, analytical tech expert

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