Examine Your Settings for Plot Points

When building your plot, be sure to examine your settings for plot points. Or if you are stuck at a certain point in your story, analyze your setting to see if it can provide inspiration.

Take a look at the photo above. What aspects of this setting could help you develop plot points? It’s dark, so bad guys may be able to move more easily and attack your hero. The darkness can also heighten a surprise–meeting someone new or bumping into an old acquaintance. The main character can stumble over something new, like a mysterious shop or stray dog that follows him. The night and the narrow streets can confuse your main character, if she doesn’t know this part of the city well. She could get lost while looking for a pet and asks for help from the wrong stranger. Or the right one, depending upon what kind of story you’re telling.

For more writing prompts for setting, click here.

Now it’s your turn. Examine this setting for plot points and let me know how you’re inspired.

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