WIP: A Storm in Summer

Here’s the working title and back cover blurb for my WIP mystery novel, the next installment in the Rae Riley mystery series. I’ve got over half of it written and the status of those chapters are anywhere from second draft to sixth draft. I don’t write a first draft a novel from beginning to end. I handwrite four or five chapters, dictate them into the computer, give them a little polish, then write the next four or five chapters. So each chapter is in a different state of polish.

Summer gets off to a rocky start for twenty-year-old Rae Riley when the ex-wife of family friend Jason Carlisle claims their youngest child isn’t his and Rae’s con man uncle Troy returns to Marlin County, Ohio. Rae is already at odds with her father, Sheriff Walter “Mal” Malinowski, over her desire to help people in trouble. When she extends that help to Uncle Troy and Jason’s ex-wife, she and Mal clash even more.

Then the ex-wife disappears, and Jason and his brother Rick are two of the main suspects. As Rae and her Aunt Carrie, a private investigator hired to protect Jason’s kids, work to discover what really happened, Rae wrestles with Troy’s insinuations that she may be calling the wrong Malinowski “Dad.”

A Storm in Summer by JPC Allen

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