Who Do You Identify With From the Bible?

With so many different kinds of people represented, who do you identify with from the Bible? When I first considered this question many years ago, the first person who popped to my mind was Saul. Not Apostle Paul, but crazy, old King Saul. I understood perfectly how insecure he felt. He let that insecurity create panic, which caused him to sin stupidly. Then he’d panic again and sin even more stupidly.

I was pretty depressed with my identifiction. Then one morning, while I was walking, Gideon came to mind. He was timid like Saul, but his story is one of triumph (Judges 6-8). What I love about Gideon’s story is that God chooses him to drive out oppressive raiders while he was still timid. God’s message comes to Gideon as he’s hiding in a winepress, trying to thresh wheat in secret so the raiders won’t take the food. But because God knows what Gideon can do if he relies on Him, so He picks Gideon. I also take a lot of comfort in the fact that when Gideon is unsure of God’s message and himself, God shows great kindness in His reassurance. Once Gideon has that, he’s all in for God’s plan.

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Who do you identify with from the Bible?

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