Write a Romantic Scene

For today’s writing prompt, write a romantic scene inspired by this photo. I chose it because it has teens or young adults in it and I like the odd setting. I can’t really tell where they are, but that ambiguity allows my imagination room to concoct.

I don’t write romance, so I’m not sure how well I can write a romantic scene, but I’ll try.

Jay sat at the edge of the abandoned parking garage. How many times had we met here since we were kids? Back then, it was the perfect place to play, despite the warnings from Jay’s grandmother and my aunt. Now it was the perfect place to get away from everything.

I walked around the chips and holes in the concrete floor. Funny how you can know someone most of your life and then suddenly he can seem like a whole different person, someone you want to be much more than a friend.

I knelt beside him, and he started.

“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“I bet you didn’t.” He twiddled a pebble of concrete between his fingers. “I was just thinking too much to hear you.”

I scooted closer.”It’s not as bad as you think.”

He gazed out over the empty lot and crowded buildings. “Don’t try to be nice.”

Biting my lip, I slipped my hand into his. “Can’t I help?”

Starting again, he turned his deep brown eyes to me.

I’ll leave my scene there, just a hint of romance. For more romantic writing prompts, click here.

How would you use this photo prompt to write a romantic scene?

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  1. This is sweet! I’ll give it a whirl too, but like you, romance isn’t quite my forte.

    “You think everyone will rebuild?” I asked Jesse as we sat on the old pier and stared at debris left from the hurricane. The hurricane that ravaged our town and left as quickly as it came. Today the sun shone and only a slight breeze rustled my long hair.

    Jesse looked at me, eyes serious and calm. “Probably. Funny how the bigger the storm is, the stronger everyone is after.” My gaze locked on his. I knew he wasn’t talking about any hurricane. He was talking about us. About the storm our friendship had endured. The storm that could make our relationship stronger.

    “You think we should try our relationship again?” I asked, my heart pitter-pattering and making me nervous.

    Jesse grinned and slung his arm over my shoulder. “Yeah. It’s time to rebuild.”

    I smiled. Our friendship and more was worth too much to throw away. Across the harbor a crew arrived and started cleaning the shoreline. Behind them, some men were working on the line of tourist shops. And right here, Jesse and I were ready to rebuild us.

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