Write a Romantic Scene

For today’s writing prompt, write a romantic scene inspired by this photo. I chose it because it has teens or young adults in it and I like the odd setting. I can’t really tell where they are, but that ambiguity allows my imagination room to concoct. I don’t write romance, so I’m not sure how… Continue Reading →

Write a Romantic Backstory

The prompt to fit in with this month’s theme of love and romance challenges you to write romantic backstory for one of the couples in this picture. That’s what drew me to this photo–three couples who could be at very different stages in their relationships, providing the potential for very different backstories. What kind of… Continue Reading →

Prompt for a Romantic Story

Here’s my last prompt for a romantic story. Who are the man and woman in the photo? Where are they? Are they on a first date? Or their last? Here’s my inspiration: The coffee was as delicious as Matt said. The pastries were too. Taking a sip from my mug, I watched Matt’s handsome face… Continue Reading →

Romantic Story Prompt

Happy Valentine’s Day! Perfect day for a romantic story prompt. As a history major, this photo intrigued me. Old pictures can speak to hidden histories. Here’s my inspiration: Blowing my bangs out of my eyes, I slumped back against Great-Grandma’s ancient couch. “Let’s split the boxes between us, get them out of the house, and… Continue Reading →

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