How Could This Scene End a Story?

Since December’s the last month of the year, this month’s theme of crafting endings seems more than appropriate. My photo prompts will be selected to inspire endings. But how can you write an ending without a beginning? It’s easy if you’re brain works like mine, although I wouldn’t wish that on you. Climaxes or wrap-ups are often the first thing I think of when I start to formulate a story. I’ll write more about that later this month, but for now–how could this scene end a story?

Here’s my inspiration. Please put your inspiration in the comments below.

I placed Noah on the sled. And he sat there. He didn’t leap off with an alarmed look on his sweet face. He just sat, waiting, trusting me.

It had taken deathly threat to get here, but it was worth it.

A lump clogged my throat, but bursting into happy sobs would confuse or even scare Noah.

Swallowing, I picked up the rope tied to the sled and broken into a huge smile. “Ready to ride?”

Giggling, he nodded and bent over the steering wheel, and we were off.

Fore more photo prompts about endings, click here.

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  1. Adorable! Here’s my idea:

    “I’m glad you came back, Rita,” Alexander tells me. The breeze rustles my hair and the birds sing in the trees behind us. I finally see what’s right in front of me. And looking at his mischievous smile, I realize that I’m just as glad to be back as Alexander is to have me back.

    I spent so long chasing the perfect job, looking for a dream come true, but it turns out, being this little guy’s nanny is what I was looking for all along.

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