What’s the Plot Behind This Face?

The county fair wrapped up recently in my part of the Buckeye State, so when I scrolled onto this photo, I was intrigued. The young man is upset and thinking something over. What’s the plot behind this face?

The music blaring from the speakers on the midway grows faint as I watch them. Tyler is almost a coat for Addie. He’s hanging all over her. She seems to like it. I think.

She sets aside the BB gun, and smiling, moves away from the game, weaving through a group of middle school kids.

Tyler drapes his thick arm across her thin shoulders. Addie giggles.

But is it because she likes it or because she doesn’t? How can a guy tell?

They stroll behind the Ferris wheel.

“Andy.” My little sister tugs on my arm. “We want more money for tickets.”

“Here.” I pull every bill from my wallet. “When you and Mark are done, wait by the bumper cars for me.”

“Where are you going?” asks Mark.

I point at the Ferris wheel and head for it, breaking into a jog.

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  1. Nice start, and so much potential for more! Here’s my idea:

    It’s not like I planned on becoming a juvenile delinquent. I didn’t wake up today and think, “Sun’s shining – looks like a good day to run from the cops and tempt the judicial system to try me as an adult.” No, my friend, that is not how I found myself darting through crowds of un-showered people looking for an escape. But even though I’m as innocent as a kitten, nobody will believe me. Thanks to my record of stupidity and more stupidity, they’ll hang me faster than Officer Hawkins can rattle off my rights. That’s why I’m here in the middle of the fair. I’m getting out of here. Some of the food vendors are already packing up, and the nasty puke-inducing ride is getting taken down right now. I’ll be a carny. Escape with the rides and hope they’ll drop the case. And if they try to find me? Nothing says amusement like a criminal carny on the run.

    1. What a great voice! He pulls you in. You get both a quick sum up of the situation and his attitude and personality in one paragraph. That’s what I call making your writing pull double or triple duty.

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