What’s the Plot for This SciFi Scene?

What’s the plot for this scifi scene? There’s so much going on. Here’s my inspiration.

“No, no, no!” shouted Commander Zaeron. “We’ve entered the atmosphere, Cadet!” He shoved Cadet Plsae out of the pilot’s seat.

With the cadet screaming as the land rushed toward them on the main view screen, Commander Zaeron slapped at touch panels. The starboard side of the ship plowed into the field, showering the landscape with boulders and dirt, the metal skin grinding through layers of sediments. Zaeron flew out of the seat.

Then the ship went quiet, except for the gasping of Cadet Plsae.

Zaeron pulled himself up to the bank of touch panels, half of them black, the other half almost vibrating with warning alarms.

But the main screen still worked. A small figure, possibly female, stood in the field, looking directly at the ship.

Zaeron gulped, every story he’d ever heard or read about Earthlings colliding together in his mind.

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  1. So creative! As you’ve probably noticed, sci-fi is a big challenge for me, but I’ll take a shot at it:

    Okay, when I accepted the role to star in this thriller, I didn’t expect our no-nonsense director to reveal to us a whole dimension. The second he snaps the clapboard, the whole set goes real. It’s totally freaking me out. And why didn’t my agent warn me? I was surprised when they cast me, the teenage star of family-friendly movies with boringly predictable plots, for their big box hit. I mean, come on, the whole sci-fi scene is so not my audience, and Grandma will chew me out when she sees this costume. Then I got suspicious when rehearsals were underground after dark. Now that we’re filming and this whole set comes to life, I’m shook.

    A roar that sounds like the planes that the Air Force tests out fills the sky, and I can literally feel the sound waves reverberating in my ear drums. Not like I want to lose my hearing, but maybe it’ll be nice when Grandma sees me dressed like this. A larger than life version of the space ship prop I filmed in yesterday is blasting its way into the set. Whoa, the back end is coming down. Fast. I look toward the director, but where did he go? Where is anybody?! What is going on? This is real and I’m alone and this thing is crashing. What I would give to hear, “Cut!” Why is this happening?

    1. Wow! What a great concept! It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone. And you pack a lot backstory in a small space that entertains as well as informs. That’s how we all should present backstory.

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