What’s the Plot for this Ordinary Scene?

This month’s prompts are all about plot, the story component I have the most trouble with. If you have that problem too, I hope these photo prompts will inspire you. I almost passed by the photo I’m using today because it seemed so ordinary. But that’s what fired my imagination. What’s the plot for this ordinary scene? Below is my idea.

As we wrapped up the meeting, I noticed how everyone looked alike. We were all wearing sober blue or black suits. We were all smiling in a friendly but professional way, although I hadn’t felt friendly or professional in weeks. We had just had the fifth meeting of the day to discuss things we would discuss in a meeting next week and the week after that. Had we’d decided to do anything in any of those meetings? I didn’t think so.

“Is something wrong, David?” Amy said as she resumed her seat beside me.

How could she tell? I touched my face. My smile was gone. And I had a feeling it wasn’t coming back.

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What’s your plot for this ordinary scene?

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  1. Interesting to make a story out of something so normal! Here’s my thought:

    So these are the two half sisters that nobody knew existed until our parent’s CPA called. They’re the reason our inheritance is split so much. Dad’s land, split not four ways, but SIX. Mom’s pride and joy Bed and Breakfast cabins, split between the SIX of us. These ladies should be smiling. And the CPA couldn’t give a rip about our sentimentalities, so why shouldn’t she smile as she introduces complete strangers as our siblings. Siblings. No. Siblings have each other’s backs, from stick forts and Pop Tarts to homecoming and principals to graduations and weddings. These girls aren’t my sisters.

    Why don’t my real siblings look mad? Unless they already knew…no…

    I always was the baby of the family. Ten years younger than Scott. Ten years. Huh. And these new “sisters” are between Scott and me in age. Wait, so am I only half? I gasp. The new sisters stare into my eyes. Nobody else’s. Just mine. A flicker of recognition. No way.

  2. Hi!
    Not sure if this is what you were going for but here ya go!

    Cast of Characters

    Woman sitting shaking hand: Muriel Arroz, head of personnel.
    Man sitting at her left: Brad Tipinsky, assistant personnel.
    2 Women standing up:
    #1: Marissa Landing, lead Agent in the case
    #2: Penelope Archer, second in command
    Women sitting at a laptop: Tracy Potts, in-house counsel (attorney)
    Man sitting at her left: Richard Fowler, in-house counsel (paralegal)


    “Welcome Agent, I’m Muriel Arroz, head of personnel,” Muriel said.

    “Good to be here,” Marissa said.

    “I was told to meet with the FBI, and have in-house counsel present. What’s up?”

    “Let me get into it. We’re agents, but here to get jobs, undercover of course. All we can say is one of your employees is under investigation. Any questions?”

    “Um, that can be arranged,” Muriel said. “Are you armed?”

    “No comment.” Marissa folded her arms.

    1. Synopsis of the Plot in this Scene:

    a. Change comes to this company’s ordinary world when two FBI agents show up.
    b. Muriel makes an Objective to get them hired.
    c. The Story Question in this Scene is “will Muriel hire the Agents successfully?”
    d. Obstacles occur because employees aren’t allowed to be armed.
    e. Outcome is unknown at this point.

    2. Synopsis of the overall Plot for the Story:

    a. Change comes to this company when a nefarious employee gets hired. The employee is on a watchlist, but this information is hidden.
    b. This employee makes plans (an Objective) to run a secret cell and cause unknown terror to the city.
    c. The Story Question of the Plot is “will the Agents stop the nefarious plans in time”.
    d. Obstacles occur when FBI Agents go undercover to find this employee.
    e. The Outcome to the Story is yet to be determined.



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