Where Does It Lead?

As I looked under the pier in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, toward the sea, I had the overwhelming feeling that I was staring into a magic portal. If I could make it past the clashing waves to the end, I would be transported to … where? Where does it lead? To the past? To the future? To a planet on the edge of the galaxy? Or to a world of our innermost fears?

Please share in the comments. Where does it lead?

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  1. This has to be the spot I read about in Nana’s diary. I pictured the words she penned decades ago: “It looks like a haven from the crashing winds, a tunnel under the pier that leads to the open sea where dreams begin and magic is real.”

    According to Nana’s diary, this is where she learned that her legs could turn into a tail, that her skin waist-down could turn into scales. This is where she learned to speak to seahorses and swim with dolphins. Mom doesn’t know I found the diary, or that I overheard the fishermen talking about her – my mom – meeting Nana here on Sunday nights after I’m in bed. Well now it’s my turn to see what dreams begin and if the magic is real. I’m going in.

    1. This is so, so cool. I like that it’s the grandmother and not the mother or father who is the magical creature. It’s a fresh twist on a folktale. Maybe you could combine this with the old man who dives!

      1. In all honesty, I’m reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap with my big kids right now, so much of the idea came from that imaginative tale 🙂 Interesting thought to combine it with the diving guy….I’ll keep brainstorming!

        1. Here’s a few “what if’s”. What if the grandmother disappeared at sea, and the grandfather dives, looking for her. He thinks she didn’t leave willingly, although their daughter thinks she did. Granddaughter discovers the diary, and maybe she and Grandfather go on an adventure to find Grandmother.

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