What’s the Story Behind This Face?

This month’s theme is YA fiction. For my first prompt, I have this photo of a teen girl. What’s the story behind this face? She’s upset or angry about something. So upset that she’s stopped her scooter in the middle of a narrow bridge. Or maybe she’s upset because her scooter broke down in the middle of a narrow bridge.

You decide what’s the story behind this face. Here’s my inspiration:

I’m done. Not one more lesson or practice or event. I don’t care if my parents got me this stupid scooter so I can take myself to all my appointments. I can’t do one more thing.

Mrs. Halloran and another middle-aged lady stand at the bottom of the bridge, staring at me.

“Ginny?” calls Mrs. Halloran.

I stare back. So what if it’s rude? So what if I back up all the traffic on this bridge? A video of me will go viral–“Girl Has Nervous Breakdown on 3rd Street Pedestrian Bridge”–and at least that’ll be something different in my life from soccer practice and guitar lessons.

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  1. Oooh, good picture and very relatable story idea! Here’s mine:

    I should’ve known that a city tour guide who only charged $80 cash for the whole day was a scam. Now I’m alone and lost on this bridge above a ravine that nobody has crossed since my loser tour guide ditched me.

    The only reason Mom sort of agreed to let me spend a semester in this backward country is because Uncle Brian and Auntie are stationed within a day’s drive of my dump of an apartment. But I can’t call them on my second day here. Nothing says failure like running to them on Day 2. After spending all my cash on a liar. After my laptop got stolen from my “safe neighborhood” apartment. After the most common phrases I’ve heard here are “Stop, thief!” and “Police!”

    Maybe if I use my phone for 2 minutes before the battery dies to look up directions and then stare at the map Mom insisted I pack, I can find my way somewhere. Anywhere. Before my scooter dies. Before I get abducted. Before I call my family for help. I wanted to be alone, and here I am. Alone. And it looks like it’s up to me to save myself.

    1. You have such a wonderful voice. I’m inside your character’s head. And the last line is so telling. At some point, a kid must realize that she has to take care of herself.

      1. Thanks for the feedback – I can’t always tell if my ideas have potential or not. Your ideas always get my ideas started 🙂

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