What’s So Funny?

My prompt ties to my guest blogger this week, author Phillip Rivera. He writes hilarious stories about life as a dad in the suburbs. This photo inspired me to write a fun, domestic story, but it could also be a humorous superhero story, with this toddler possessing powers like Jack-Jack in The Incredibles movies.

Who wants to play? What so funny about this photo? Here’s my inspiration:

I can’t hold out much longer. When I agreed to babysit theses kids, I didn’t realize they were outlaws. No, more like Vikings–every room they enter, they raze to the ground. Six hours a day, three days a week. They could triple my pay and I still would spin on my flip-flop and march away.

“Emmie?” says a high-pitched voice which would sound cute if I didn’t know who it belongs to.

I press my lips together, holding my breath.

“Emmie, how come you hiding under there?”

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  1. Love it! I really like the voice of your narrator.
    I’d continue it by having the little girl say, “Emmie, it wasn’t me.”
    Please, no. Just five minutes of quiet. What happened now?
    “Emmie, um, a bird flew really fast, a huge bird, and it flew into the window so fast that the inside broke.”
    “There’s broken glass in the house?”
    “It wasn’t me.”
    “How did the inside window pane break?” My mind is spinning.
    “The huge bird zoomed into the window so fast that the inside broke.” She bites her lip.
    Sounds fabricated. “But the outside window pane is fine?”
    She nods. “It wasn’t me.”
    I facepalm myself and bite my tongue. “What really happened? Is everyone okay?”
    “Everyone except the frisbee and the carpet. And the glass.” She clamps her hand over her mouth. “Oops. It wasn’t me.”

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