What’s the Ending?

Lots of movies and books, especially romances, end with weddings. It seems the perfect way give a story a “happily ever after” ending. But my prompt today is: what’s the ending this picture inspires if you write it from the point of view of someone other than the bride and groom? How could it be a happy ending if the bride’s ex-fiance is watching? Or her father, who has reservations about his new son-in-law? It could still spark a tragic ending, but since it’s December, I’m encouraging you all to think happy!

For another prompt to inspire an ending, check out last week’s Monday Sparks.

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  1. Daddy’s big smile makes me happy, and my new mommy promised that when I’m big enough I can have the teal shoes I picked out for her. After my first mommy died, my tummy always hurt and Daddy was so sad, but now I know that Aunty was right when she said a happier time would come. Here it is, and I love it!

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