What’s the Ending?

What’s the ending for this final prompt of the year? The photo is suitable for any holiday or celebration, but I’ll set it during New Year’s Eve. For more prompts for endings, click here.

Here’s my inspiration:

“Let’s burn up the old year.” I hand him sparkler.

He takes it, and I light one for me and one for him.

“But some good things did happen.” A smile pushes aside his weariness.

“Yeah, some good things.”

We lift the sparklers high, and the burning sparks mimic the stars glittering over us in the height of the sky.

What’s the Ending?

Lots of movies and books, especially romances, end with weddings. It seems the perfect way give a story a “happily ever after” ending. But my prompt today is: what’s the ending this picture inspires if you write it from the point of view of someone other than the bride and groom? How could it be a happy ending if the bride’s ex-fiance is watching? Or her father, who has reservations about his new son-in-law? It could still spark a tragic ending, but since it’s December, I’m encouraging you all to think happy!

For another prompt to inspire an ending, check out last week’s Monday Sparks.

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