What’s the Mystery?

This photo looks perfect to prompt a scene from romantic suspense, in which a couple fall in love while trying to solve a mystery or fight a crime. If you love romantic suspense, what’s the mystery this couple could be involved in?

Romantic suspense is a subgenre of crime fiction I rarely enjoy. So this photo inspires me to take a twist on it.

We pounded down the concrete, under the road, Sean’s breath harsher than mine own.

We had to catch them. Had to. They were the key to the rest of our lives together.

Sean darted up a flight of stairs, and I followed him. If I had to be in this mess, I was glad he was in it with me. No one else had his courage and determination.

We raced along a catwalk that ran beside the deserted road. Below and ahead, two figures came into view.

Sean kicked up the pace. If he could just get close enough …

One figure stumbled, and the second bent over.

Sean stopped and raised his gun.

If he could kill them now, we’d be safe. No one would ever suspect my husband’s death was anything but an accident.

Sean fired.

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  1. You’re so good at creating suspense! The picture reminds me of the National Treasure movies, so I’m thinking of a story about an Egyptian artifact that disappears, and the suspects are the museum employees. This couple could be interns who ditch work early with the hope of a weekend of sightseeing. They’re excited and unaware of the stolen artifact – until they round the corner and see government agencies surrounding their car. Their absence at work has made them the primary suspects, but they can’t simply come clean with their real reason for playing hooky because that would reveal a much more dangerous secret. (I don’t know what that it yet!).

    1. I have a lot of fond memories of going to see “National Treasure” with my husband and I were first married. And I love any story that includes mysterious, ancient artifacts!

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