What’s the Mystery?

October is mystery month on my blog. What’s the mystery this photo might inspire? Here’s my idea:

The two men talked as they walked, but they seemed more focused on each sound that made them glance over their shoulders or peer toward the end of the tunnel.

“It’s all set then?” said the younger man.

“Unless you have any more questions.” The older man adjusted his hat.

“Just one.” The young man stopped. “Should we go through with it?”

The moisture dripped from the ceiling of the tunnel.

His head bent, the older man said, “What choice do we have?” He jerked upright. “Someone ran across the entrance.”

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      1. Well, I don’t see my first reply. My sister has some of it. He had a very interesting life. I don’t know why he came to America, leaving 2 sisters behind. But, when he lived in Chicago he was a boxer and fought against Al Capone to protect the family he married into. He even had the typical 3 missing fingers.

  1. I’m imagining a family sifting through old photos after Grandpa’s funeral, and they run across this photo. Nobody seems to know who the guy with Grandpa is, or where the tunnel is. Great Uncle Leo will squint his eyes when he sees the picture and head outside for “some air.” But when the young cousins go to check on him, they find him digging through Grandpa’s safe of important paperwork in the upstairs of the barn. Their sneaky peering through the door catches them a glimpse of a file folder entitled Unsettled Accounts with RJ.
    Now the questions fly! Who is RJ? Is he dangerous? Is he the guy in the picture? What does Leo know about this?

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