What’s the Adventure?

What’s the adventure these two cyclists could face?

An accident on a lonely road leaves both of them hurt. How do they get help?

The cyclists see a woman bury something. Then she pursues them, trying to kill them with her car.

Or maybe it’s misadventures. Two friends decide to bike across the country, and they run into comic situations and colorful characters along the way.

I’d love to read your inspiration! What’s the adventure?

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  1. Two of my cousins actually rode their bicycles from New Jersey to MT when they were about 15 and 16. This was done around 1960. They had a letter of permission from their parents so people wouldn’t think they were running away from home. They went to our grandparents home in MT .

  2. I love your Monday prompts! Here’s my idea:

    Dad says I need an attitude adjustment. That’s when most parents make their kids mow the lawn. Too bad I don’t have normal parents. My dad’s idea of attitude adjusting involves getting up at 5 every morning for 3 months to ride bikes together to get ready for that relay thing for Great Aunt Jean. Pretty sure my willingness to get sweaty and dusty first thing every morning proves that I don’t need an attitude adjustment, but to spell it out clearly for the concerned adults in my life, I’m going to win that race. I can’t wait to see Mr. Meier’s face when I do. Dad will be behind me eating my dust just like he is now.
    Suddenly a crow swoops down in front me and I wobble to keep my balance. It lands 10 feet away in the ditch where a bunch of other crows are partying. Since Dad is a ways back, I pull over to see what they’re eating. A deer. Go figure. That’s when I hear a growl behind and above me. The hairs on my neck literally stand on end. It growls again.

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