Personal Taboo Names

Everyone has personal taboo names, names they hate for good reasons or no reason at all. As a kid, I had traumatic confrontations with children named Tracy, Shelly, and Troy. I don’t like any of those names as an adult. When I needed a name for a shady character, I picked Troy but not to get revenge on a past nemesis. I just didn’t see why I should give a name I like to a character I don’t.

Then there are names I don’t like simply because I don’t like them. When my husband and I were searching for names for our second child, he came up with a list of three boys’ names: Cole, Gabe, and Nate. I told him under no circumstances could we use Nate. I have never liked Nathan or Natalie or any name similar to them, like Ethan. In the first short story I published, a murderous woman is named Natalie. It has nothing to do with any people associated with those names. I just don’t like the sound of them.

Your turn. What are some of your personal taboo names?

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