What’s the Story?

What’s the story you can imagine for this picture? Here’s mine:

Where’d that creature come from? I’d seen them at the surface but never down here before.

Our eyes locked, and I pressed closer. So strange. It looked nothing like me and yet I could see something recognizable in those tiny eyes.

My brother clicked behind me, and I clicked back.

“Don’t waste your time with that long-finned fish.” His clicks crackled like sand abrading my skin.

“I don’t think they are fish.” I flicked my tail to move closer and hit something smooth.

The creature reached out one of its fins. I tried to touch it with my nose, but it felt as smooth the area I’d hit above it.

“Let’s go!” My brother spun away.

To the creature, I clicked, “I’ll be back.” I turned, my head full of questions.

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  1. I love that you took the dolphin’s POV! Such an interesting perspective, especially how you incorporated clicks and sand on the skin.
    I’m going to take another approach:

    I sighed, thought about kicking over the mug of coffee the trainers set out for me, and didn’t even bother to feign excitement for the eager early bird who was 48 minutes early for the 2:00 show.

    I was cooped up in a miniature apartment at the ocean floor to perform twice daily for what might as well be the rest of my life. Some dream come true. Thanks Mom and Dad. Sure, the slavery would pay for my college. But when? I was 37 years old and my whole life was spent doing jumping jacks, brushing my teeth, and scrambling eggs in front of the hoards of flippered tourists.

    The only thing that gave me a sliver of hope was the thought of one day befriending an audience member who would set me free and get me to the surface before I drowned or the trainers recaptured me. While staring into the eyes of my early bird spectator who ignored his mother’s insistent calls to return to her side, the sliver of hope grew. If I could just use the cues that my trainer uses to communicate with the audience – I had to try! I would try – now – and with any luck, I could be free by 2:58 today!

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