Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: How Would You Begin?

This photo has two obvious ways to start a story: from the animal’s POV or the person’s. How would you begin a story with either one?

Daisy’s wrong. This creature isn’t hiding food. I’ve sniffed it all over. She tricked me again. And if Mom catches me by this weird thing, she’ll probably kick me out of the nest. But it’s all Daisy’s —

It’s moving! And making terrible noises! Mom!

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  1. Funny! Here’s what I came up with:
    The scariest moment of my life happened last Labor Day. I’ve watched YouTube videos and read books about what to do if I get attacked by a shark, or mauled by a bear, or if I ever see a wolf or mountain lion. But never in my life had I expected to be attacked by a squirrel. A squirrel! Looks innocent enough hopping through the trees, but let me tell you, when a squirrel darts up your pant leg, claws up your neck (millimeters from your jugular) and goes at your face with its claws and beady eyes, you’ll never sleep well again. I will never view the squirrel scene in the National Lampoon movie the same as I did pre-attack. I’ve decided the only encounter that could be worse would be a skunk.

      1. I once thought I was going to attacked by a falcon/hawk while I was on top of a narrow rock ridge, and I remember thinking that I had prepared for bear/lion/even shark attacks(!), but never a BIRD! So this thought actually came pretty naturally when I saw the picture!

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