Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s the Story?

fruitw-1022520_1280This prompt ties in with the short story guest blogger Sandra Merville Hart will be writing about on Thursday. “Not This Year” is a family drama, set in the 1980’s. But family drama is timeless.

This photo grabbed my attention because no one in it looks happy, and a few people look decidedly unhappy. What is story behind this family’s trip to the grocery store? Here’s my version.

What was I thinking? When has going shopping with the kids ever gone well? And I had the bright idea of bringing two nieces along. If one more kid complains, I am out of here, and I’ll give Mom and Dad a gift card for their anniversary instead of a party.

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  1. This is a hard one, to me it seems like maybe someone died and now they have the task of planning a luncheon for people who are coming to pay their respects.

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