Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s So Funny?

flowergirlsw-571072_1280This photo caught my attention because it reminded of the attitude my kids had when they had to attend the wedding of my husband’s cousin. They weren’t in the wedding party, which, I’m sure, would have made the experience much, much worse. Here’s my version of what’s so funny about this picture.

Little sister: Mom lied to us. She said being in a wedding would be fun.

Big sister: The wedding was fun. Mom just didn’t tell us the reception would be sooooo boring.

What do you think is so funny about this photo?

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    1. Maybe it was too serious and it made you uncomfortable or scared you. Perhaps laughing was your way of coping. Kids are much more honest in showing their emotions than adults are.

  1. Big Sis: Think you’re ever going to get married?
    Little Sis: Yes! I want a fluffy dress and cake – just as long as I don’t have to kiss the boy.
    Big Sis: Um, I think kissing is why grown-ups get married.
    Little Sis: Then I change my mind.

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