Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s So Funny?

flamingow-1554180_1280What’s so funny about two flamingoes sitting down to a chat, aside from the facts that they don’t chat or sit in chairs?

First Flamingo: You’re not serious.

Second Flamingo: Absolutely. I’m sure our pink color comes from the shrimp we eat.

First Flamingo: I don’t believe it.

Second Flamingo: You will after I polish off a bag of Skittles.

What do you think they are taking about?

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  1. First Flamingo: I wonder what they are going to have us sitting on next time?
    Second Flamingo: Who knows, I guess wherever they want us is where we’ll be.

  2. First: People are so concerned about the whales. What about our legs splayed in these unnatural positions?
    Second: Apparently being pink is not enough to get due attention. First: Let’s start singing. Whale-style, of course.

    1. That is too funny! And true. Some animals appeal to people more than others. If insects could just grow fur and settle for two eyes, they would get much more attention and consideration.

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