Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Why Are These Characters Friends?

womanw-2730919_1280Today’s my last prompt on friendship for February. What could the friendship be between the woman and the owl? I chose this photo because it works for both a realistic story or one of speculative fiction. I wouldn’t have believed there could be a friendship between a person and an owl in the real world until I saw a man from the Ohio School of Falconry do a program at our local library. He brought a Eurasian Eagle Owl. So I can write a realistic story about this woman working with an owl.

Or what ideas for speculative fiction does this photo prompt? Of course Harry Potter had Hedwig to deliver messages. Could the owl be a relative under a spell that the woman hopes to lift? Maybe the owl is a companion who understands humans speech or speaks it.

Now it’s your turn. Why are these characters friends?

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  1. well, i can’t really say why, but i always think about owls as an omen for death. if the woman and owl are friends, i’d make the woman an assassin? a supernatural with the ability to bring death?
    or i can make both shapeshifters…. A witch and a familiar?
    i’ve only ever seen an owl in real life once, when i was just a kid, in my hometown in Brazil.

  2. Having recently re-read Anne Bishop’s The Others series, the owl being a shapeshifter was my first thought. Or maybe she cared for the owl when it was young and injured and now they’re friends. Or maybe she’s Athena come to life in modern times. Possibly the owl is a totem that came to life to help her with a problem. So many ways to go with this. 🙂

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