Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: Why Are These Characters Friends?

womanw-2730919_1280Today’s my last prompt on friendship for February. What could the friendship be between the woman and the owl? I chose this photo because it works for both a realistic story or one of speculative fiction. I wouldn’t have believed there could be a friendship between a person and an owl in the real world until I saw a man from the Ohio School of Falconry do a program at our local library. He brought a Eurasian Eagle Owl. So I can write a realistic story about this woman working with an owl.

Or what ideas for speculative fiction does this photo prompt? Of course Harry Potter had Hedwig to deliver messages. Could the owl be a relative under a spell that the woman hopes to lift? Maybe the owl is a companion who understands humans speech or speaks it.

Now it’s your turn. Why are these characters friends?

Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts: What’s the Story?

lovew-2706241_1280So many stories have been written about cats and dogs, usually as enemies. This photo inspires a fresh perspective. So why are the cat and dog friends? Are they stranded on the frozen tundra together? Did one save the other’s life? Here’s my inspiration.

Cat: Thanks for scaring away Louie.

Dog: That’s what brothers do. Louie is just a bully. But I suppose he can’t help it since he’s a bulldog.

Cat: Do you think I look much like a cat?

Dog: Don’t listen to that dumb bulldog! Mom says your a dog, same as the rest of the litter.

Now it’s your turn. What’s the story behind the photo?

Monday Sparks — Writing Prompts

water-play-2273051_1280For February, my theme is love and friendship. So my prompts will be about relationships. Who are these two boys? Brothers? Friends? They are having a good time. What happened that made them share a laugh? What happens next?

Let me know how this photo inspires you!

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