Writing Tip — Genres of Crime Fiction

crime-scenew-3243661_1280Last year, I posted links to articles describing the genres of crime fiction and suspense. For those of you who are new to writing in this genre, I am putting a link to that post and found another post on Almost an Author that lists crime fiction genres as well. As a guest blogger says later this month, the fine differences between the genres is confusing. Many genres share characteristics.

One more thought on crime fiction: At the American Christian Fiction Writer’s conference in Nashville this year, I was fortunate enough to attend a class led by Steven James, who writes suspense. With a master’s degree in storytelling, Mr. James does a wonderful job of explaining why and how suspense works in fiction. He states a major difference between mystery stories and suspense stories is that mystery excites the reader’s curiosity while suspense excites concern.

What’s your favorite genre of crime fiction?

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