Writing Tip — Crime Fiction

Genres of Crime Fiction

This post is short because I am preparing for another writer’s conference. Since I have been posting about crime fiction, I thought a description of all the genres which fit under that umbrella title might prove helpful. This list from “Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas … Oh My!” defines the main genres, but there are others, such as all the subgenres under “Suspense/Thrillers”.

A couple other categories: I have heard police procedural novels set in Scandinavia called “Scandinavian noir”. And under Cozy mysteries, you can find ones devoted to just about any hobby you care to name, from crossword puzzles to quilting to birding.

What is your favorite category of crime fiction?


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    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I devoured Agatha Christie when I was in high school. When I reread them, I find more flaws than I did when I was a teenager, but some are still great. My favorites are “Murder for Christmas” and “Death on the Nile”. What are yours?

      1. No worries- life is craaaazy here 🙂 “And Then There Were None” is fun (in a murder-y sort of way) “Death on the Nile” is good, and of course “Orient Express”- the “Mysterious Mr. Quinn” ones were odd, but interesting. It’s been a while, I think I need to refresh my memories of them 🙂

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