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workspacew-766045_1920Here are two posts from the Write Conversation which describe ways to increase the amount of writing you can fit into a day.

The first. “Word Crawl”, doesn’t sound like it would work for me. And I already do something like that when I am waiting — in the car at school, at doctors’ offices, at games. But I thought I would post it in case others might find it useful.

I can’t follow all the advice in “6 Creative Ways to Boost Your Writing in 2018”. The last recommendation, “Drink More Coffee”, is impossible for me, shocking as that is for a writer to admit. I can’t choke the stuff down even when it’s loaded with sugar, cream, and chocolate syrup. Maybe tea is a decent substitute.

But the third way, “Define Your Peak Time and Stick to It” is good advice, although I would reverse it. “Define Your Non-Peak Time.” Last Saturday, I thought I would get up early and get some writing done first thing, straight out of bed. I sat down at my desk, and the idea of trying to revise a chapter seemed as impossible as running a marathon. I need to fully wake up before I tackle anything as demanding as editing, let alone writing a first draft.

How do you find more time to write? Or what ways do you know don’t work for you?

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