Writing Tip — Writing Habits

workspacew-766045_1920Here are two posts from the Write Conversation which describe ways to increase the amount of writing you can fit into a day.

The first. “Word Crawl”, doesn’t sound like it would work for me. And I already do something like that when I am waiting — in the car at school, at doctors’ offices, at games. But I thought I would post it in case others might find it useful.

I can’t follow all the advice in “6 Creative Ways to Boost Your Writing in 2018”. The last recommendation, “Drink More Coffee”, is impossible for me, shocking as that is for a writer to admit. I can’t choke the stuff down even when it’s loaded with sugar, cream, and chocolate syrup. Maybe tea is a decent substitute.

But the third way, “Define Your Peak Time and Stick to It” is good advice, although I would reverse it. “Define Your Non-Peak Time.” Last Saturday, I thought I would get up early and get some writing done first thing, straight out of bed. I sat down at my desk, and the idea of trying to revise a chapter seemed as impossible as running a marathon. I need to fully wake up before I tackle anything as demanding as editing, let alone writing a first draft.

How do you find more time to write? Or what ways do you know don’t work for you?

Writing Tip — Editing

diaryw-968603_1920If you have finished a story or article or any kind of writing, you will need to edit it. This post from The Write Conversation provides very helpful definitions for the four types of editing and in what order you should do them. This post concerns novels but these editing processes can be applied to any written work.

As the new year begins, I am deeply involved in what I would call a line edit. I will write about what I am learning over the next few months.

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