Let’s Write a Mystery Online Together, Part 5

For the last Monday this month, I am wrapping up “Let’s Write a Mystery Online Together”. I’ll post the whole mystery next week, so you can read it in one place. If you’d like to read other collaborative stories we’ve written in past years, click here. Thanks to M. Liz Boyle and Jodie Wilk for playing. I always enjoy reading what other writers can concoct and love the challenge of working with what they propose. Here’s the ending.

I clutched at my hair.

This was too much. Too many secrets, too many lies, too much manipulation.

“I’m done,” I said. “The truth needs to come out.”

Julia stiffened. “You mean …”

“I mean everything.”

Aiden stepped out of the car with his hands up. An officer spun him around.

“You’re right,” said Hudson. “It all needs to come out.” He squeezed Julia’s hand.

I marched toward the officers. If I walked fast enough, maybe I wouldn’t chicken out before I reached them.

Hudson and Julia fell in step beside me.

As the officer handcuffed Aiden, I said, “Excuse me. I think I–I mean, we can clear up this whole mess about the fire at the Kelton Mansion.”

Olivia shoved herself in front of us. “They’re liars. Their whole family are liars.”

“You should know,” said Hudson.

I took a deep breath and felt as if all my clothes had vanished. Funny thing. As vulnerable as I felt, I also felt I was about to be launched into the sky. Free.

“Officer,” I said, “the reason Aiden couldn’t have started the fire is because …”

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  1. Wonderful ending!!! I love the line you wrote about the freedom of telling the truth 🙂 Thank you for letting me participate in this challenge with you 🙂

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