Let’s Write a Mystery Together Online, Part 1

October is mystery month here on JPC AllenWrites. So let’s write a mystery together online. Here’s how it works:

  • I provide a photo prompt on Monday.
  • I write a small section of the story.
  • Anyone else can contribute to the story during the week by adding a sentence or paragraph or more in the comments.
  • Please keep it PG and clean
  • The next Monday, I’ll post another photo and continue the story from the last comment.
  • By the end of the month, we’ll have a complete story!

Anyone is welcome to add their inspiration in the comments. I’m kicking off this mystery with the photo above.


“What’s she doing here?”

My cousin Julia glared daggers at the dark-haired girl who turned every head as she strutted across the beach Every guy looked toward her, and every girl looked away.

Julia glanced up and down the beach. “Where’s Aiden? He doesn’t need Olivia latching onto him.”

“Too late.” I tightened my grip on my Coke.

My older brother’s ex-girlfriend oozed up to him, a flirty smile on her perfectly painted lips.

“Here.” Julia thrust her Coke into my empty hand.

“What’re you going to do?” I said.

“What do you think? Drop kick her into next week. He’s spent six months getting over her. He doesn’t need …”

Julia ranted on, a speciality of hers, as Olivia stood on her toes and whispered something into Aiden’s ear.

Aiden jerked away.

Olivia stepped back, no trace of that smile on her high-cheekbones face. Actually, no trace of any emotion. That was first time I’d seen Olivia without some expression. Usually a nasty one.

Aiden strode quickly toward the parking lot.

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Add yours

  1. Julia started to go after Aiden, making sure he was all good. But she went after Olivia instead.

    “Hey!” Julia picked up speed as Olivia darted down the beach toward her rental house. “Yeah, you better run!”

    I caught up to Julie mid stride. “Julia, get a grip.” I held her shoulders, made her turn and face me. “Look, your brother doesn’t need you to fight for him.” Julia steamed, barely listening. “Seriously. He’s good.” I lowered my sunglasses. “Enough of this. I’m starving.” We walked back, gathered our beach gear and headed toward the house.

    “I saw you go after her,” Aiden yelled down from the balcony.

    Julia snapped her head up. “I thought you left?” Julia looked toward the parking lot, saw his car.

  2. “I’m in the process of leaving,” Aiden hissed. “Leaving to never return.” He clutched the balcony handrail, his face etched with distress. 

    Julia leapt up the spiral stairs, taking two and three at a time. “No way. What’s going on?” I followed her, still holding onto the Cokes and wondering why I never get an important job. 

    Aiden hung his head. “I can’t say.” 

    We reached the balcony, Julia stepping directly in front of him. “Meaning?”

    “It’s over, Jules. Olivia is on her way to destroy me. She’s the only one who knows, and now she’s off to report me.” Aiden pushed off from the balcony, grabbed his half-empty duffel bag, and thundered down the spiral stairs. 

    “The only one who knows what?” I asked. The only response was the squealing of Aiden’s tires. 

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