Use This Scene as a Plot Point

My last prompt for plots this month is this cute photo. How you could use this scene as a plot point? It seems too innocent to add any tension or conflict to a story. But that’s the challenge. Here’s my inspiration:

I should have taken that job at the beach concession stand. Waiting on sweaty, hungry tourists had to be easier that keeping track of my little brother all summer.

The early morning sun wasn’t searing yet, and the breeze was still cool off the water as I scanned the docks for Noah.

There. At the end of the dock. I should have known he was with that little girl from the rented condo down the road. He was usually with her when I couldn’t find him.

I opened my mouth to call his name, when a big guy, tall and muscular, pounded down the empty road by the docks. “What are you doing out here?”

The little girl leaped to her feet. Then she jumped in the water.

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Let me know how this photo inspires you in the comments!

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  1. That’s a great idea! My idea is pretty different, more of a “Dolphin Adventure” concept, but here goes:

    “Anthony said the whales come right past here and we might see ’em!”

    Anthony is our oldest brother, the one who got married last summer and didn’t move with us to the ocean. My little sister believes everything he says. Usually everything Anthony says is right, ‘cept the time he told me to put grapes in the microwave. They caught on fire and ruined the microwave and Mom and Dad were mad.

    Ana points out over the water. “There. See that blast of water? That must be the whales breathing through their blowholes!”

    “Cool!” I say and jump to my feet for a better view. I see a tail splash really close to us, probably as close as the length of my school bus. Suddenly the dock rocks and I stumble onto Ana’s shoulders. She grips the edge of the dock. “What’s happening?” I shout.

    A high-pitched whistle from underneath the dock grabs our attention. “I think there’s a whale under us,” Ana says. We both get on our hands and knees, fingers clutching the edge of the dock. The dock jolts again. “Kenny, I’m scared!”

    I am too, but what can I do? Another mist spouts from the water, getting closer than the school bus distance. Maybe it’s the mama whale and the baby is under the dock. I’m watching the water roll over the back of the big whale and only vaguely notice my sister inching her way down the length of the dock. I dunno what she’s doing, unless she’s just trying to get back to shore. Maybe I should do the same, but I’ve never been this close to a whale before. I see a huge dorsal fin coming straight toward me. The whale under us whistles again, and the fin coming at me picks up speed.

    “Kenny, the baby is caught! Come quick!” Ana shouts.

    “Huh?” I look at her and sure enough, she’s wearing her goggles and her hair is dripping wet. Did she really put her face underwater with a whale so close? She’s got guts. I wish I was braver.

    “This rope is pulled tight and it’s wrapped around the baby whale! Did you bring your knife?” Ana’s voice startles the baby and the dock jolts again. I barely hang on. How does she expect me to cut through a rope that’s wrapped around a panicky whale? “Kenny, you have to save her!” I take a breath. The dock jolts again, and Ana screams that I have to save the baby before it hurts itself. I can try. But I really wish I was braver.

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