Prompt for a Nature Scene

Is this a picture you’d like to dive into and bring to life for readers? I would, which is why I chose it as a prompt for a nature scene. Using the technique I described last week, how would you write a scene in this natural setting, although you haven’t been here?

Here’s what I imagine:

  • Light from the full moon gilding everything with silver, making it appear distinct but weird
  • Although on the sea, no wind, which is unusual
  • Rough sand and/or rocks
  • The smell of salt, dampness
  • Taste salt?
  • Without wind, high humidity?

Now here’s my description.

Sand scraped my barefoot as I scurried over the boulders that let to the shore. The full moon allowed me to see far in any direction, but I couldn’t trust the silver light. Its magical glow let me to spot objects but not really see them.

I turned in a complete circle. I was alone. Not a breath of wind stirred the fronds of the palm tree. Humidity settled on me like a second skin. 

Turning again, I gasped, the thick air nearly choking me.

A figure was walking toward me, too far away for me to see more than a silver-edged silhouette.

Had he really come?

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Please write your inspiration in the comments.

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  1. I had the sense of being lost on the beach, perhaps after a boat wreck. Right now I’m working on a story involving the main character falling into a sinkhole and being trapped underground. I’m recalling sights, sounds, aromas and feelings of times I’ve spent in caves, and trying not to spend too much time on description during the action sequences of my MC alluding his antagonists.

    1. That’s a good thing to keep in mind, cutting down description during an action sequence. One thing I’ve done to give the reader a sense of setting is to place my MC in the setting before the action starts. Then the reader has time to imagine where the MC is before the scene gets exciting or terrifying.

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