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This may seem weird for an author to admit but I’m looking for help for a reluctant reader. And I’m the reluctant one. For the past six months or so, I’ve found it extremely difficult to sit down with a book and enjoy it. Finishing a novel is almost impossible. I think the problem stems from the fact that 2021 ambushed my family. All the drama and trauma has left me with little patience and a tiny attention span. So I’m reprinting the advice I gave last year to help writers who have lost the joy of reading and hope readers out there will have even more tips to aid me in regaining my love for it.

Writers often lose the pleasure of reading because we read through our writer’s lens and evaluate a story as a writer, not as a reader. Here are three ways writers can reclaim reading joy.

Schedule Time to Read

That may not sound like fun. I have to schedule time to read like a dental appointment? But I’ve found that with a husband and kids, if I don’t schedule everything–even something as minor as my pleasure reading–I will never stumble across a free hour to sit down with a book. I have never stumbled across a free hour to do anything since my kids were born. Now I understand why my mother often took a book to the bathroom.

On Sundays, I don’t do any writing or anything related to publishing. I try to read just for the fun of it. I’m not always successful. I’m so wired to work that it’s hard to relax. But it’s nice to stretch out with a book other than at bedtime.

Read Dead Authors

A good piece of advice for writers pursuing publication is to become familiar with the books currently being published in their genre. The drawback of that advice is that writers constantly analyze those books, comparing them to their work in progress, robbing themselves of reading joy. 

Reading great books from the past in my genre removes the need to dissect them. It also educates me in the history of my genre.

Read a Genre You Don’t Write

Reading a genre I have no intention of writing in helps silence, or at least muffles, my internal editor. I can more easily approach a book of historical fiction or sci-fi as a reader than as a writer.

That’s one reason I enjoy reading poetry. I know I’ll never publish anything I write, so reading it is simply fun.

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Does you have suggestions to help a reluctant reader? I like mysteries, humor, poetry, and speculative fiction short stories. They have to be quick reads. I’d love some recommendations.

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  1. Thanks so much for theses tips; reading for fun is a bit of a struggle for me because 1.) I’m a slow reader, lol, and 2.) I tend to want to analyze it as a writer. But I like the idea of reading outside my normal genre. Thanks again for sharing your advice! 🙂

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