Use All Five Senses to Describe Your…Kitchen

I decided to give you a break with this week’s prompt. It should be easy to use all five senses to describe your kitchen. Here’s what I sensed in my kitchen.

Sight: Honey-stained cabinets, maroon counters, white appliances, cream-colored walls

Sound: Refrigerator humming, dryer in laundry room running, bird chirps outside window

Touch: Smooth counters, sleek appliances, wet dishes drying

Smell: Empty grape juice bottle, nothing cooking, so no aromas from that

Taste: Besides the staples, I can sample dried cherries, Good and Plenties, crackers, milk, orange juice

So now I’ll put these sensations into a story.

Weighed down with a backpack and overstuffed duffel bag, I trudged to the back door of Grandma’s house and opened it. The aroma of cooking onions and bacon flew to me, and I drew it in deep.

Grandma stirred a big pot on the white stove, as if she hadn’t moved since I’d left a year ago. The cabinets were still the same honey color, the smooth counters the same maroon, the dryer was thumping away in the basement, a smaller pot bubbled on a burner.

Grandmas looked up and jumped, then hurried to me. “I need to recharge the battery in my hearing aid.” She held me a hug so tight that I could barely get my arms around her to return it.

“I thought you were coming home tomorrow,” she said, moving back to the stove.

“I found an earlier flight.” I took a spoon from a drawer and dipped it into the small pot. I blew on it and then slurped the sauce. The heat and tang of the tomato sauce tasted like home.

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What do you sense using all five senses to describe your kitchen?

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  1. Your kitchen is spotless and beautiful!!! I love how you say “the heat and tang of the tomato sauce tasted like home.” It’s so true that certain flavors, smells, sounds, etc, feel like home! Here’s my idea, but it’s less of a story start than yours:

    Crumbs. I’ve swept twice and again, there are crumbs everywhere I look. My nose detects the sweet jelly streaked on the counter, and I put an uneaten crust into my mouth. Grandma’s homemade bread. I close my eyes and take a breath, memorizing the flavor. It even FEELS magical. The toaster pops, and in come running feet, ready to spread more jelly and crumbs.

    1. I love the focus on crumbs. They seem to get every where. My husband could write a book on how crumbs drive him crazy. It would also drive him crazy if I posted a messy kitchen 🙂

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