A Shadow on the Snow: the Book Trailer

I am so excited to share my book trailer with you! I hadn’t planned on making a book trailer because I knew I didn’t have the skills to make it look great. Or even nice. But my niece has been editing home movies with music and special effects for years, so I asked if she could help me create one. For two hours one Saturday afternoon, we searched for public domain video and music clips to create the 45-second trailer. It was fascinating watching my niece work. I felt like a Hollywood director collaborating with a top-notch editor while my sister acted as creative consultant. So much skill, and my niece is all of fourteen years old. Without further delay, enjoy the world premiere of A Shadow on the Snow: the Book Trailer.

Thank you so much to authors Laurie Lucking and James R. Hannibal for providing endorsements for my novel!

For my fellow writers–if you like how the trailer looks, I recommend downloading the software Filmora. You pay a one-time price, and the software comes with automatic updates. However, that price does not include a fourteen-year-old film technician. So you’ll have to recruit your own.

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